August 20, 2022 from 9 am – 6 pm

Get calm. Get clarity. Get mindful.
Yes, this is the actual studio space.

5 Steps to a Summer Reset

Step 1 – Mindfulness Exercises

Why is mindfulness so popular? Get clear about where you are, and enjoy this moment. It’s real!

Step 2 – Journaling

There’s no way to journal wrong. We’ll have plenty of prompts to play with. Keep your thoughts and desires as private as you like while you gain awareness who you are and what you really want.

Step 3 – Yoga

Get moving! Whether the session is meditative or energetic, fast or slow, movement and mobility are a big part of a healthy reset.

Step 4 – Coaching Session

Let’s talk about where you’re stuck and how to get where you want to go. Take advantage of this guided workshop and the chance to ask questions.

Step 5 – Do It with Friends

Whether you brought friends with you, or you made some at the retreat, you’re a part of our community now. We’re here to support each other.

Register for the Summer Reset


$99 for the full day if you pay before July 9, 2022. $123 on July 9 and after. Note: class space is limited to a maximum of 8 people. So register today!

Optional: Add on lunch at a local neighborhood restaurant for only $25–includes starter salad, soft drinks and water, and a lunch pizza baked in the stone oven… or something comparable in the event that this plan goes pearshaped. In the late morning, we’ll split up for a walking meditation (audio-guided) through the tree-lined streets, then everyone who chooses will convene at the restaurant. We’ll walk back together for the afternoon retreat activities.

NOTE: Studio policy requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Register for the Summer Reset

All the props during the yoga sessions
You are always welcome to bring your own props for yoga. But I’ll definitely have some on hand.

What if…?

What if it’s not what I expected?
We’ll spend about 20% of our time in mindfulness and meditation (guided), 20% in active yoga, 30% on coaching and journaling, and 30% on Yin Yoga… with plenty of time for bathroom breaks, alone moments, and a calm lunch. If that sounds right to you, you’ll get what you expect.

What if I don’t want to share my (very personal) journaling answers?
You never have to share your journal contents with anyone. I promise. There will be no pressure to do so. However, if you choose to share, that can sometimes help you find greater clarity and support from the group.

What if I don’t want to pay extra for lunch with the group?
I completely understand that not everyone wants to pay extra to eat lunch when they’re at a retreat. While there will be a table reserved at an amazing neighborhood restaurant for lunch, you are under no obligation to join us there! You can choose to take some extra alone time–more journaling, time alone on your mat, or eating a lunch you brought with you.

Register for the Summer Mindfulness Reset

This is me, Janine, your friendly neighborhood yoga instructor and happiness coach.
Actually, we’ll probably park our cars on this stretch of grass and do our yoga inside the studio…

Why many people stay stuck and dissatisfied:

Mistake #1: No Clarity

Everyone loves advice from someone they trust or admire. But if you keep taking others’ advice about what you “should” do or want… you’re going to have their perfect life instead of your own. Let’s get clarity about what you want for you instead.

Mistake #2: No Integration

You can think about great stuff all you want, but unless your body is on board, you’re going to be too uncomfortable to pursue it. Let’s get calm (with meditation, mindfulness, and movement) so that you have mental space to get unstuck.

Mistake #3: No Support

Our culture has an archetype—The Rugged Individualist. Whatever you believe about this archetype, you’ve got to agree that it’s easier (and better for your health!) to be part of a community. No need to be alone. Come to this reset with us, and you’ll have friendly support.

Space is limited, so sign up to join us today!

Register for the Summer Mindfulness Reset