F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I wear?
Wear something comfy and that you can move in. For some people this is basketball shorts, for others it’s compression leggings with cool designs on them. It’s up to you. You won’t need shoes or socks. You may also want to bring a cozy sweater or sweatshirt for a long Savasana. For Yin Yoga, you could wear your jammies. For Galileo vibration or the Basics of Yoga (aka: What Is Vinyasa Yoga Anyway?), you’ll want to be able to move a lot more. If you’re particularly busty, wear a sports bra to that one.

How long is a session?
Your sessions are 75 minutes long from start to Savasana (“Corpse Pose”). Those are 75 minutes of You time. Any cleaning or logistics come after or before and will never eat into your session. The exception to the “75 minutes” rule: if you’re taking the Basics of Yoga package (aka: What Is Vinyasa Yoga Anyway?), your sessions are 55 minutes. It’s why they’re cheaper. I’ll be throwing a lot of information at you, and you’ll be glad to have more, shorter sessions to really get the poses hardwired in your body.

What’s this Basics of Yoga thing from the first question?
While most of my clients want a personalized session, structured to their specific needs (mixing a majority of Yin Yoga with a little bit of Vinyasa), the Basics of Yoga crowd are preparing themselves to take classes elsewhere. Since classes at yoga studios and health clubs are usually Vinyasa (or based upon it), the Basics of Yoga is a 6-session progression from “will they make me say om?” to “I am rocking this Warrior series.”

I’ve never done yoga before, and a friend told me I should go to a class. Do you have classes?
Nope. I’m a private yoga instructor, so it’s just you and me (and maybe my cat; she’s friendly). If you’re interested in learning what a yoga class is like before you go, you might want to look at my Basics of Yoga package. If you’re interested in a small group setting, I’m happy to book you and a friend for a private session together. Semi-private?

What is Yin Yoga?
Ah, Yin. We’ll be doing a lot of it. In Yin Yoga, you hold poses for longer periods while supported by props. With all your muscles turned off, you’ll work your connective tissue (e.g., bones, fascia, and ligaments) instead. Unlike muscles, which respond well to lots of fast movement and blood pumping, your connective tissues take time and gentle pressure to change. It’s the yoga equivalent of wearing braces. While you hold those poses, we’ll work on connecting your mind to your body… instead of to whatever is on your to do list. As a side bonus, you’ll find yourself becoming more flexible as time passes.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?
Vinyasa is the flow yoga that you probably see at many studios, health clubs, and gyms. It’s very active and focuses on both building and stretching your muscles. In most of our sessions, we’ll be mixing Yin with a little bit of Vinyasa, depending on your needs. One exception to the “we’ll be doing mostly Yin” rule: if you’re taking the Basics of Yoga package (aka: What Is Vinyasa Yoga Anyway?), you’ll definitely be doing all Vinyasa.

What is “the Galileo” (aka: Whole Body Vibration)?
This piece of equipment gives you a workout from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Here’s how it works: you stand on a platform, and it shakes your body around like you’re in an earthquake. Okay, not quite as random as an earthquake. Using the principle of “side-alternating vibration,” which basically mimics walking, your muscles are required to turn on (or on-and-off, multiple times per minute) so that you’re training engagement in a variety of positions. Originally intended as a medical therapy aid (e.g., paralysis clinics, MS patients), the Galileo is making its way into the wellness world. If you’re interested in learning more about it, I recommend checking out the Stim Designs website.

How come it costs twice as much for a session at my own house?
It’s travel time, mostly. And also for convenience. If it takes on average 30 minutes to get somewhere in Seattle, 30 minutes to return, time packing up and unpacking again… it’s basically another 75 minutes of my time.

One last “on location” question. What’s your travel radius?
North and south of Seattle from Ballard/Greenlake to Burien/Tukwila. East and West from Issaquah to Alki Beach. Depending on the time of day, you might be closer or further to travel. If you aren’t sure whether you’re in my radius, please send an email to ask!

Can I invite a friend?
Yes! Your sessions won’t be quite as personalized, but you can add friends on to your sessions (whether for fun or to defray costs). No more than 3, please, and be aware that some may have to bring their own equipment.

Do I need to bring a mat or anything?
Nope. I will supply you with a mat, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and whatever else you need. If you’d prefer to use your own, you’re welcome to store equipment at my home studio or bring it with you.

Ummm… so I bought a package and scheduled my first session okay. But how do I schedule the second one?
Not to worry. The appointment software unfortunately won’t allow you to book more than one appointment in a package. Since I wanted to offer great deals, I went ahead and made those packages anyway. 🙂 When we meet for your first session, we can schedule your next ones (or even give you a regular time slot).

75 minutes is hecka long in the middle of the day when I also work. Do you do lunch-hour sessions?
Sure. While I think you’ll get more out of the full 75 minutes (or longer!), if lunch time is your only time, then we can make it work. Grab yourself a “Basics of Yoga” package (those are 55 minutes long), and let me know before we meet that you’re actually hoping for a regular Your Yoga Dream session resized to fit in your lunch hour.

Will I ever learn where your home is? I see “near college street ravine” and “near alki mail and dispatch” but that doesn’t really help my GPS.
Yep! When you book your first session, the confirmation email should tell you my street address. There’s plenty of parking in my driveway or across the street (on some grass, yes, but it’s technically street parking).

I love cats and see you have a picture with one in your profile! If I come to your home, will I get to pet a kitty?
Yes! I do indeed have a cat. Her name is Rosie, and she might decide to come into the studio with us. (She may also ignore us completely. Cats are like that.) If you see her, you’re welcome to pet her pointy little head. If you don’t care for cats, I can put her in a closed room while you’re here.