We all struggle to hold on to our range of motion as time passes.

Sometimes, it’s just about getting older. “Move it or lose it” starts to mean more than it used to, and maybe you wonder, “Will I ever touch my toes again?”

Other times, it’s about coming back after an injury. After a point, everyone who’s had a surgery has to decide when it’s time to stop going to physical therapy and accept they’ve reached the pinnacle of their new range of motion. Sometimes, that same PT will suggest yoga as a way to get back into peak form.

We don’t deserve our bodies’ betrayals.

With the Your Yoga Dream plan, I will work with you to create a program based on your goals and needs. Your program will mix functional, active movements (“Vinyasa Yoga”) as well as long, static poses (“Yin Yoga”) to enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance.

I understand how it feels to be “broken” by time and injury—chronic and short-term. After surgeries, injuries, and long recovery periods, my body still doesn’t move the way it used to. But it’s doing a lot better than it was 10 years ago… and it also does new things too! (The first time I did an L-handstand against a wall as an adult, I was amazed. That’s, like, childhood gymnastics stuff right there.) I won’t claim that yoga alone is the cure, but it sure makes a difference.

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